Leftover Bbq Pork Rib Enchiladas. Korean-style Pork Rib and PotatoSpice The Plate. green onion, soybean paste, vegetable oil. I was looking for another way to use up leftover pork and came across this. I tried it because of the simplicity plus I figured the kids would enjoy it.

Leftover Bbq Pork Rib Enchiladas

I cooked bbq ribs and have some left over but don't want to waste them. I first boiled them then baked them. The leftovers MUST be used to make a standard issue pulled-pork sandwich. You can have Leftover Bbq Pork Rib Enchiladas using 11 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Leftover Bbq Pork Rib Enchiladas

  1. Prepare of leftover bbq pork boneless western ribs (you can use chicken, beef, or shrimp also).
  2. You need of tomatoes, diced.
  3. It’s of onion, diced.
  4. Prepare of sour cream.
  5. You need of cream cheese softened.
  6. You need of taco seasoning.
  7. You need of 10.5 oz. canned red enchilada sauce.
  8. Prepare of 10.5 oz. canned green enchilada sauce.
  9. It’s of large or 2 small packages of flour tortillas.
  10. You need of cheddar or mixed shredded cheese.
  11. Prepare of cheese sauce, optional.

I always save some just for this purpose. Using leftover pork takes a ton of time off this spicy Mexican project soup, and puts it in the realm of easy weeknight meals. While this recipe actually calls for chicken, it'll be just as good, if not better, with pulled pork. Cook Great Barbecue Ribs on the Grill.

Leftover Bbq Pork Rib Enchiladas instructions

  1. I use boneless ribs because it easier to work with.Take western ribs & shred or use food processor..
  2. Take onion & saute it until translucent. Add 1 can of red enchilada sauce, cream cheese, sour cream, & taco seasoning..
  3. After sauce incorporated, add ribs to sauce & heat thoroughly. Should only take 10 minutes..
  4. Take 1 flour tortilla & stuff with rib mixture, some tomatoes and jar cheese to taste. (you can switch up & use shredded instead, but you might need 2 packages)..
  5. Place enchilada in 13×9 in. pan. Repeating step 4 & layering enchiladas side by side closely..
  6. When finished layering, mix red & green cans of enchilada sauce..
  7. Pour sauce over all enchiladas. Make sure they are all covered or they'll dry out..
  8. Add cheese on top & bake until cheese melts. or if you use the jar cheese then about 10-15 minutes..
  9. May serve with lettuce, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, & tomatoes..
  10. I usually serve with #9 & side of rice & beans.

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