My Sriracha and Chinese BBQ Pork. Chinese BBQ pork is loved the world over, and it's not hard to make at home! With some key ingredients and a couple of technique, it might even be better. Char siu, or Chinese BBQ Pork, is a delicious Cantonese roast meat.

My Sriracha and Chinese BBQ Pork

Place the pork and the marinade in a ziplock bag. Seal and shake well until the pork is evenly coated. Set aside to marinate in the fridge overnight. – Chinese Shaoxing wine is available in the Asian aisle of many supermarkets or from an Asian grocer. You can have My Sriracha and Chinese BBQ Pork using 4 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of My Sriracha and Chinese BBQ Pork

  1. It’s of lengths Tenderloin pork take off the sinews and membrane.
  2. Prepare of Sriracha Sauce.
  3. You need of Chinese BBQ Sauce.
  4. It’s of Chilli Sea salt.

Substitute with dry sherry or chicken stock if alcohol is. Also called Chinese BBQ Pork, it's finger licking good and you're going to be shocked how easy it is to make the Char Siu sauce that's used to marinade the No trip to Chinatown is complete without taking home a container of Chinese BBQ pork. And I am yet to manage the drive all the way home without. In addition to its impressive high-gloss appearance and savory taste, this Chinese barbeque pork is quite easy to make at home–even without a fancy ceramic grill.

My Sriracha and Chinese BBQ Pork instructions

  1. Mix the two sauces together in a bowl and add the chilli sea salt..
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  3. Take off the membrane from the Tenderloin..
  4. Cover them both with the sauce all around and lay down greaseproof paper and add the pork to it. Marinate for a couple of hours..
  5. Cook in a preheated oven for 30 minutes then turn over and drain off juices add more sauce and cook for a further 10 minutes on 170°C. Add some mixed pepper all around then let it cool a little then slice into thick disc shapes. Enjoy with some flavoured Rice, fried rice or Roasted Veg or Sallad.
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Authentic and homemade Chinese BBQ pork marinated with sticky char siu sauce and roasted in oven. This dish is called Char Siu in Cantonese dialect, or Chashao (叉烧) in Chinese language. It is of Cantonese origin where marinated skewers of pork meat or pork. Chinese BBQ Pork(Cha Siu) Marinaded BBQ Pork Black Bean Garlic Sauce and Hoisin Sauce Green Onion and Garlic White Rice Cooked BBQ Pork I love to prepare some meals during the weekends because of the busy working schedule. Traditionally, Chinese BBQ pork char siu is skewered with long forks and placed in a covered oven or over a fire.

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