Moi moi. Moin moin/moi moi is a Nigerian Beans pudding cake. Moi moi (beans pudding) is one of such Nigerian foods that are loved by every Nigerian. It is made of beans and some other local ingredients.

Moi moi

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Ingredients of Moi moi

  1. Du brauchst 500 g of white eyed or brown beans.
  2. Du brauchst 1 of Tatashe(red bell pepper).
  3. Es ist 1 of scotch bonnet pepper(fresh pepper).
  4. Bereiten 2 of cooking spoonful Vegetable Oil.
  5. Du brauchst 1 tbsp of concentrated tomato puree(for extra color,optional).
  6. Bereiten 4 of Tablespoonful ground Crayfish.
  7. Bereiten 2 of large Onions bulbs.
  8. Bereiten of Eggs OR cooked minced meat  OR Bone.
  9. Es ist of Marrow  OR Corned beef OR deboned smoked OR deboned boiled fish.
  10. Du brauchst 3 of bouillon/stock cubes for Seasoning.
  11. Du brauchst of Water (as needed).

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Moi moi Schritt für Schritt

  1. Before you cook  the Nigerian Moi Moi First soak the beans for about 1 hour (or overnight) and wash it, by scrubbing off the bean coat/skin.    Make sure to remove all the bean coat until you are left with white coat-less beans.    If you have a good blender, you can grind the beans at this point, but if not, let the coat-less beans soak in water again for at least 2 hours to soften it further..
  2. Choose what extra garnishes you want to add to the Moimoi; If it's eggs, boil the eggs, remove the shells and slice into small pieces, then set aside. If it's fresh fish, boil the fish,remove bones  and cut into small pieces. If you prefer corned beef or sardines, then take it out of the can, and set aside. If you prefer Banana Leaves/ Uma Leaves(Thaumatococcus Daniellii), then wash thoroughly and leave to dry out in a colander/sieve. **Wash the peppers and slice the onions..
  3. Strain the beans, pour it into your blender(do this in batches).  Add the peppers(you can also add thick tomato paste, to give it more color).  Add the onions, crayfish and stock cubes. Add a little water to help the blender work better. Grind the beans until you get a very smooth consistency, without granules or beans lumps..
  4. If you're using bean flour, mix the flour in a little water to form a thick paste, then pour the paste into a blender,add the peppers,onioncrayfish and stock cubes and blend until smooth..
  5. Pour the blended beans into a wide bowl;Stir and slowly add some water and continue stirring until you get a lighter consistency, but not too watery. Now, add the vegetable oil, taste for salt and if need be, add a little salt(remember you already added stock cubes, so go easy on the salt).  Mix thoroughly and then take out your greased moi moi containers or moi moi leaves..
  6. Pour the mixture into each of the containers or moi moi leaf and add your egg or any other garnishes you prefer. Seal or cover the containers and set aside. 4. Now, line the base of your pot with foil paper or the some moi moi leaves;   Pour in some water and set to boil. When the water is boiling, place the sealed Moi moi into the pot of boiling water and leave to steam..
  7. As the Moi moi starts to cook. Add a little quantity of water from time to time,so that it doesn't begin to burn underneath.  But be careful not to add to much water as it might get into the Moi moi containers and ruin the food by making it watery..
  8. After about 45 minutes, put a knife through the Moi Moi; if the knife comes out clean, then the moi moi is ready. Note that the cooking time for Moi Moi depends on the type of container you are using and also on the quantity of moi moi you are cooking(5 pieces of Moi moi in a small pot, will definitely cook faster than 30 pieces of moimoi in a large pot)..
  9. If you are in doubt about whether the Moi moi is well cooked or not; it is advisable to leave it to cook for about 1 hour (adding some water occasionally). The moi moi tends to cook faster with the foil, nylons and leaves, but takes longer with the plastic bowl..
  10. Now, take out the Moi moi from the pot and leave to cool a bit before unwrapping or turning it onto a plate..