How to transfer pastry to a tin without breaking. Whether you're making a savory pie, a dessert pie or a pizza, you want to be able to transfer the rolled crust into the baking pan without breaking it. There are two ways to lift the crust dough to make sure that it stays in one piece. Roll the dough between two sheets of non-stick paper.

How to transfer pastry to a tin without breaking

This is the way we usually transfer our pie crusts. You gently fold the dough in half, then in half again, making a triangle. It's less likely to tear as you pick it up, and the beauty is that the point of the triangle goes right in the middle of the pie plate. You can cook How to transfer pastry to a tin without breaking using 2 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of How to transfer pastry to a tin without breaking

  1. Prepare of Pastry.
  2. Prepare 1 of tin.

So, if you've rolled out a decently uniform circle, the dough will unfold. For a shapely tart shell, spend some time pressing the pastry right into the corners and then all the way up the sides of the tin without stretching it, then trim off the excess. Gently flatten the pastry into a disc and wrap in saran wrap or press n' seal. Roll out your shortcrust pastry to the same size as your pie tin on a lightly floured surface.

How to transfer pastry to a tin without breaking instructions

  1. Roll out your pastry to the size needed for your baking tin/dish, and fold it in half, then into quarter..
  2. Lift the folded pastry and place it in the tin or dish..
  3. Make sure it’s placed correctly then open it out carefully and press into the dish..
  4. Trim the edges ready to bake blind..

Allow a little extra crust to hand over the rim of the pie tin. Place the rolling pin at the far end of the pastry and flip it over the rolling pin. Put the pastry into the tin, topside down. Once the pastry is gently laid over, push it into the tin with your hands. Use a small ball of the excess pastry to help push the pastry into the corners.