Cook Once, Eat Twice. BBQ Hot Open Sandwiches. Looking for recipes that you can cook once but eat twice? Bring a flavorful, wine-based broth to a boil, add mussels and cover; cook until they open, and eat. Our spin on an Internet favorite, this slow cooker comfort food does double duty, first on top of mashed potatoes, then stuffed into cheesy sandwiches later.

Cook Once, Eat Twice. BBQ Hot Open Sandwiches

Contains Marmite for more depth of flavour and goodness! Pile the hot-out-of-the-crock-pot pulled pork on buns with a little slaw on top. On your first day, the only cooking you'll need to do is roasting the vegetables. You can cook Cook Once, Eat Twice. BBQ Hot Open Sandwiches using 5 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Cook Once, Eat Twice. BBQ Hot Open Sandwiches

  1. You need of chopped pork.
  2. You need of diced leftover grilled pork ribs, any bones removed.
  3. It’s of diced vadalia onion.
  4. Prepare of barbecue sauce, use your favorite.
  5. You need of soft Italian bread.

Serve them alongside a rotisserie chicken you picked up from the You know that half of the reason you make meatloaf is so you can use the leftovers for sandwiches the next day. Find the…» Here are some quick and easy examples of "cook once, eat twice" to get you started. By cooking once and serving twice. Even if you enjoy cooking, making every single meal every single day can get tiring.

Cook Once, Eat Twice. BBQ Hot Open Sandwiches instructions

  1. Use leftover grilled pork ribs. Here's my recipe that I used the leftovers from.
  2. Dice about two cups worth. A little more or less won't matter. It's just using up your leftovers. :).
  3. In a skillet add diced onions and heat over medium heat. Cook one minute..
  4. Add in diced pork and barbeque sauce..
  5. Cook for four minutes until just heated through..
  6. Take Italian loaf and cut into two pieces. Cut each piece in half and spread open. Two slices will go to one portion..
  7. Spoon half of meat with sauce over each portion..
  8. Dinners ready..
  9. Recipe by taylor68too..

From ratatouille to spaghetti pie, these recipes are not only delicious right after serving, but also as leftovers a day (or three) later. Weekly Cook Once Eat Twice cooking video — Two amazingly delicious and family-friendly recipes that you can bust out in half hour or less. With just a little prep ahead, you'll learn to repurpose staple ingredients (no boring leftovers!) and produce quick & healthy weeknight meals. A cook once, eat twice strategy can easily be applied to practically every cooking style and cuisine. If you know you've got a busy week ahead, some kitchen pre-work can make all the difference.

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