Absolute Flavourful Filet Mignon Perfect Steak. Next enjoy your perfect Fillet Mignon steaks and enjoy the envy of your friends and family. How To Cook A Filet Mignon Steak Perfectly Learn how to make perfect filet mignon steaks.

Absolute Flavourful Filet Mignon Perfect Steak

As a steak lover, I can't Keywords: filet mignon recipe, how to cook the perfect filet mignon, perfect filet mignon, Perfect Filet The first bite put a smile on my face! These were so Tender and Juicy; so flavorful. These flavorful Indian-spiced filet mignons will enhance your dinner plate. Menschen kann sicher einfach machen Absolute Flavourful Filet Mignon Perfect Steak using 5 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Absolute Flavourful Filet Mignon Perfect Steak

  1. Bereiten 10 oz of Prime aged beef filet.
  2. Bereiten 2 tbsp of olive oil, extra virgin.
  3. Du brauchst 2 tbsp of fresh cracked black pepper.
  4. Du brauchst 1 tbsp of Kosher salt.
  5. Du brauchst 1 slice of garlic herb butter.

The earthy, robust flavors of the spice blend make for a perfectly bold crust. This recipe for bacon-wrapped steak bites using filet mignon tips is incredibly easy and perfect for a crowd. Filet mignon is a steak cut from the narrow front end of a cow's tenderloin muscle. It's a very lean and tender cut, with hardly any marbling or connective tissue.

Absolute Flavourful Filet Mignon Perfect Steak Anleitung

  1. Leave aged steak out on countertop to achieve room temperature..
  2. Pre-heat oven heavy ridged non stick pan or cast iron skillet. No oil, just heated up on high heat..
  3. As pan is heating up, cover one side of filet with one tbsp of olive oil, same other side.
  4. Sprinkle salt on top and bottom of steak over the oil..
  5. Cover same liberally with cracked black pepper..
  6. When skillet is starting to smoke, add t tablespoons of olive oil to the pan. Then immediately place filet sprinkled side down. Get a nice char after about 2—3 minutes. Then flip and do the same for other side..
  7. Once char is to your liking, take the whole skillet and place in broiler for 5-8 minutes, depending on the doneness that you want. I like mine medium to medium rare so I leave in for about 6 minutes directly under the broiler flame..
  8. Pull the skillet and plate the steak on its serving dish. Do not cut to check for doneness, use time in broiler as your guide..
  9. Put the pat or slice of garlic herb butter on top and LET THE STEAK REST FOR 5-6 minutes. Do not cut, let the juices go back to the center. If you cut it, it will be dry..
  10. Add sides that you wish and serve..

Since it doesn't have a lot of fat, filet mignon isn't especially flavorful, but what it lacks in flavor it makes up for in tenderness: a properly cooked. Cooking steak can be a little intimidating. But with this tried-and-true formula, you'll cook perfect filet mignon from now on! I am so blessed with both! And one thing that keeps my wife smiling is an occasional perfect filet mignon for dinner.