Salmon – Bacon – Pasta. Salmon Spaghetti Carbonara is a wonderful and easy main dish recipe to make with leftover cooked salmon, Parmesan cheese, eggs, and heavy cream. Here Peter shows you how to create a fantastic and simple pasta dish, ideal for the family. For more recipes go to

Salmon – Bacon – Pasta

Served with a Creamy Dill Sauce, quick date night dinners have never been so delicious! Tomato Bacon Pasta is a quintessential example of how to make a quick pasta dish that's totally slurp-worthy with just a few ingredients. All you need is bacon, canned tomato, pasta and a few pantry. You can have Salmon – Bacon – Pasta using 11 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Salmon – Bacon – Pasta

  1. You need 1 package of Pasta (of your choice).
  2. Prepare 1 package of Bacon.
  3. You need 250 grams of Salmon (cut into small pieces).
  4. You need 1 of Medium Onion chopped.
  5. Prepare 3 of Fresh Tomatoes diced.
  6. It’s of Basil.
  7. You need 3 cloves of Garlic diced.
  8. Prepare 1/2 cup of Olive Oil.
  9. You need of Salt.
  10. Prepare of Pepper.
  11. Prepare 1 cup of grated Kefalotyri or Parmesan Cheese.

This salmon pasta starts with salmon roasted with lemon, butter and garlic. Cook it through so it's Add the pasta and toss gently, dispersing the salmon throughout it and most importantly, coating it in. The salmon stays really moist from the bacon, and the skin helps protect the bottom from cooking prematurely. Maple Bacon Salmon from brings out the natural sweetness of salmon in a true surf-and-turf.

Salmon – Bacon – Pasta instructions

  1. In a large sauce pan boil pasta in salted water. Drain and place into an oiled brushed baking pan..
  2. Take a large skillet add 5 tablespoons of olive oil, onion, garlic, salmon, bacon, tomatoes, salt and pepper, basically all the ingredients and stir for 15 minutes. Toss sauce into pasta, along with the olive oil that is left over, and stir so it is spread throughout the pasta..
  3. Bake for 1/2 hour and then cover with a piece of Aluminum foil so that the pasta does not dry while baking. Bake for another 15 minutes. Top with Kefalotyri or Parmesan Cheese and Basil. I hope you enjoy this simple dish. Kali Orexei!!! 🙂.

Maple Bacon Salmon Is A True Crowd Pleaser. Add the salmon, bacon and scallions either on top or twirled into the pasta and cream sauce. Lent Pasta and Noodles Smoked Salmon. Simple pasta salad with smoked salmon, orange bell peppers, celery, green onions, lemon juice, and mayonnaise. Creamy and healthy salmon pasta recipe.