Harvesting Bacon Drippings.

Harvesting Bacon Drippings

You can have Harvesting Bacon Drippings using 1 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Harvesting Bacon Drippings

  1. It’s 2/3 pound of smoked bacon.

Harvesting Bacon Drippings instructions

  1. Heat a skillet. This is optional you can spray nonstick spray or use a nonstick pan. Or a well seasoned cast iron skillet..
  2. Add the bacon and start rendering the fat of the bacon. If it starts to smoke a bit turn down the heat or add more bacon. This will cool the pan and the drippings..
  3. Turn often the bacon will have a tendency to stick no matter what pan or skillet you have. Just slide a meat fork or spatula under it to turn..
  4. When the last of the bacon is done immediately turn off the heat have the jar ready. Put some type of paper products under the jar to insulate under it. Especially if you have stone countertops because hot and cold may cause the soon to be hot jar to explode, due to quickly changing temperatures. This is true with anything. Also the paper products will catch any spillage of bacon drippings when pouring..
  5. Get a jar that has a lid and is sterile. Add the bacon drippings to it the jar will be hot for a while. Make sure you have a food grade jar that can or has had food in it..
  6. Store and use as needed. I hope you enjoy!.