Cream of Baby corn soup. How to make Baby Corn Soup Recipe – Restaurant style रेस्टुरान्त स्टाइल क्रीमी बेबी कॉर्न सूप. This delicate Creamy Corn Soup is impressible easy to make and is the perfect soul-warming soup.

Cream of Baby corn soup

Japanese Corn Cream Soup with Butter CroutonsGirl Plus Food. Cooked using baby corns, corn flour, vegetable broth, corns, red bell pepper, carrot and onions, this soup recipe will surely be a hit among all! Wash baby corns under running water and place them over a chopping board, slice them into pieces and keep aside. You can cook Cream of Baby corn soup using 5 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Cream of Baby corn soup

  1. Prepare 250 gms of baby corn :.
  2. It’s 1/2 cup of Fresh Cream :.
  3. You need 1/2 cup of Water accordingly.
  4. You need of Pepper as needed.
  5. You need of Salt as needed.

How to prepare Corn Soup-Cream of Corn Soup Recipe. Whole kernel corn, cream cheese and garlic salt are added to a cream soup base with onions, garlic and parsley cooked in chicken broth. I LOVE creamy soups and this one is the pinnacle of a great cream soup. Stir in corn and bring almost to a boil.

Cream of Baby corn soup step by step

  1. Cook the baby corn in pressure cooker with pinch of salt.I had kept for two whistle..
  2. Once cooling grind the baby corn coarsely without water..
  3. Now in a kadai, pour this grounded baby corn, 1/2cup of water, cream, pepper and salt, stir it.Then bring it to boiling stage on low flame and switch off the stove..
  4. Garnish with carrot, pepper, mixed herbs and the leaves of Coriander..
  5. PS: This should be thick in consistency. You can boil any mixed vegetables and prepare this soup..
  6. You can try this with Broccoli too..

This recipe for cream corn soup is simple and easy to make. Baby corn jalfrezi – a delicious dish made with stir frying the veggies and then slow cooking them tomato puree. Baby corn soup is very rich in protein. Learn how to make/prepare Babycorn Soup by following this easy recipe. Cook the baby corns with onion and garlic in the pressure cooker until soft.