Watermelon pizza/ fruit pizza. See more ideas about Watermelon pizza, Fruit pizza, Watermelon fruit pizza. This refreshing fruit dessert pizza recipe swaps classic cookie crust with a healthier watermelon "crust." Topped with yogurt sauce, your favorite berries and mint, this fresh dessert can easily be doubled for a party or halved for every day. By The Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen.

Watermelon pizza/ fruit pizza

Watermelon pizza is a fun and healthy no-bake dessert for the summer that the kids will love to make and eat. When you use your favorite berries and some festive sprinkles you have an easy red, white, and blue fruit pizza. It's a perfect recipe for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, or any hot day when you want a fresh sweet treat. You can cook Watermelon pizza/ fruit pizza using 10 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Watermelon pizza/ fruit pizza

  1. Prepare of Watermelon cut in a circle.
  2. It’s of Yogurt or fruit dip or cool whipped topping.
  3. It’s of Blueberries.
  4. It’s of Strawberries.
  5. It’s of Grapes.
  6. It’s of Oranges.
  7. Prepare of Apples.
  8. It’s of Bananas.
  9. You need of Feta cheese optional.
  10. You need of Granola optional.

It is naturally gluten free with options to make it. Watermelon Fruit Pizza is a super simple, naturally gluten free and fun treat that's refreshing, juicy and beyond delicious! Watermelon Fruit Pizza is this crazy simple recipe that my kids literally went NUTS for. This watermelon fruit pizza is basically a giant slice of summer.

Watermelon pizza/ fruit pizza instructions

  1. Cut a good medium size circle out of the watermelon.
  2. Add yogurt or fruit dip or whipped topping or leave as is. (this will obviously hold the fruit on).
  3. Add any fruit of choice, when using bananas and apples remember to serve right away so they don’t brown up on you..
  4. Top with feta cheese or granola.
  5. Notes – Check out this delicious recipe https://cookpad.com/us/recipes/6341747-strawberry-fruit-dip–mycookbook?invite_token=PMob6rkeVGhNZ9fig84hDmYX.
  6. For picky eaters no watermelon.

Loaded with colourful berries, some creamy yogurt, crunchy nuts and a drizzle of chocolate, it's an easy dessert to feed a crowd on a hot day. Doesn't this look like a fun dessert! It's an easy way to get kids. This sweet fruit dessert is refined sugar-free, dairy free, and low carb. Of course, there is natural sugar from the fruit so if you're watching your sugar intake, take note of that.