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Rum-Gravy BBQ Ribs (Oven)

Country ribs are always on sale and because of that, I buy them often, but we got tired of BBQ ribs fast! I used very lean, boneless ribs and they came Add ribs back to pan and spoon soup mixture over meat. Oven BBQ Ribs. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. You can cook Rum-Gravy BBQ Ribs (Oven) using 23 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Rum-Gravy BBQ Ribs (Oven)

  1. You need of Rub.
  2. Prepare of cayenne pepper.
  3. Prepare of beef soup base (powder).
  4. It’s of garlic powder.
  5. Prepare of dehydrated onion.
  6. Prepare of seasoning salt.
  7. It’s of paprika.
  8. It’s of chili powder.
  9. Prepare of Ribs.
  10. You need of rack of pork ribs (serves 1-2).
  11. It’s of green onion chopped into chunks.
  12. You need of chives chopped into chunks.
  13. You need of parsley chopped into chunks.
  14. It’s of onion quartered.
  15. Prepare of bacon fat.
  16. Prepare of water.
  17. Prepare of Sauce.
  18. You need of favorite/desired brand of BBQ sauce (I used Honey Garlic BBQ sauce).
  19. You need of rhum (use 1oz for less strong alcohol taste; I used 2oz Appleton Jamaican Rum).
  20. Prepare of Sriracha (or red chili sauce).
  21. Prepare of lemon juice.
  22. You need of water.
  23. Prepare of Bistro (or favorite gravy thickener).

Plus, when you make bbq ribs in the oven, you fill your kitchen with all of of that amazing "Come and get it!" baked baby back ribs smell. Finish your oven baked ribs under the broiler for the last few minutes so that barbecue rib sauce gets nice and caramelized — and then slather on even more. Oven Baked Barbecued Short Ribs Recipe Meaty short ribs are baked with a tangy-sweet sauce until tender and falling off the bone.

Rum-Gravy BBQ Ribs (Oven) instructions

  1. Mix rub ingredients in a bowl grind with back of spoon or fork to break clumps.
  2. Coat raw pork ribs with rub, use fingers to rub into meat (wash hands well).
  3. Refrigerate for 6-24h.
  4. Preheat oven to 350°F, prepare roasting pan (with lid) and rack, add water and bacon fat, throw in rest of chopped ingredients for ribs.
  5. Mix ingredients for sauce except Bistro (gravy thickener) and water, refridgerate until 20 mins before ribs are ready.
  6. Add ribs to pan on rack, cover and place in center of oven for 2h, at at 1 hour remove rack from pan to remove cooked herbs (otherwise they'll burn) flip the ribs return rack to pan and continue cooking.
  7. (Set herbs aside, can be thrown into broth for soup, or add them to your rice like I did for this…).
  8. In the last 20 mins of cooking, turn off oven, remove ribs from oven, finish sauce: mix water and Bistro bring to boil over medium heat stirring frequently, add rest of sauce ingredients, stir and simmer until desired thickness (~10 mins).
  9. Baste ribs and recover with lid, replace in oven for 20 mins , baste ribs again in sauce before serving.

Flanken ribs are beef ribs that are cut horizontally across the cow's rib bones. You can recognized these by the small bones interspersed with the meat. Baking ribs in the oven is seriously easy. Honestly the ribs and the BBQ sauce too were delicious. Our favorite mojito recipe with white rum, fresh lime, and mint.

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