Udon 2.0: Rainbow Matz (Noodle). Japanese Udon Noodle SoupMy Gorgeous Recipes. I was never big on udon noodle soup. After eating udon from Marugame Udon in Hawaii, I was enlightened with how simple ingredients could become so delicious.

Udon 2.0: Rainbow Matz (Noodle)

The soup has a mild flavor and it contains dried seaweed, tempura, and fish cakes. The Udon Noodle Cup is perfect for. I've tried quite a few supermarket home brand udon noodles and some other branded ones, I think these are by far the best quality plus unlike other udon noodles i've tried they don't fall to bits when you take them out of the. You can have Udon 2.0: Rainbow Matz (Noodle) using 8 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Udon 2.0: Rainbow Matz (Noodle)

  1. You need 600 g of flour.
  2. Prepare 0.6 g of Food coloring Red.
  3. Prepare 0.4 g of Food coloring Yellow.
  4. You need 0.3 g of Food coloring Green.
  5. Prepare 0.5 g of Food coloring Blue.
  6. You need 24 g of salt.
  7. It’s 276 ml of water.
  8. Prepare 50 g of corn starch.

Cook the udon noodles according to the package instructions. Divide drained, cooked udon into two large, deep serving bowls. Top with grated ginger, chopped green onion, and fish cake slices (optional). In udon noodles, especially Sanuki udon, great importance is placed on noodle quality.

Udon 2.0: Rainbow Matz (Noodle) instructions

  1. Add 24g salt to 276ml water to make 8% salt solution..
  2. Add the food coloring to 50g salt solution for each colors as below..
  3. [Red]: 0.3g Red/[Orange]: 0.2g Red & 0.1g Yellow/ [Yellow]: 0.3g Yellow/ [Green]: 0.3g Green/ [Blue]: 0.3g Blue/ [Purple]: 0.1g Red & 0.2g Blue.
  4. For each color, mix the colored salt solution to 100g flour in large bowl, blending until dry flour is moistened. (Don't pour the water at once! By 3 step with about 30g, 15g, 5g).
  5. Knead the dough with your hand, coverd it with plastic bag so that air does not permeate therein, leave it for 30 min in room temperature (22 to 28 degree of Celcious).
  6. Rorling out the dough to rectangle, overlapping mutually at the edge with color order of the Rainbow..
  7. Coverd the dough with plastic bag, leave it for 1 hour to get elasticity..
  8. Spread corn starch on the table so that preventing dough is sticking on it, rolling dough to 3mm in thickness, sprinkle it with residual corn starch..
  9. Fold it, cut it to 3mm in width..
  10. Boil it for 12min, wash in the cold water, then EAT THIS! (with Japanese soy source is recommended).

Here, you will learn about various kinds of udon from different parts Cooking, portioning and serving various styles of udon noodles are also covered in the course. Return stock to high heat and bring to the simmer, add soy sauce, ginger and sesame oil to taste, then ladle over noodles. Top with tofu, spring onion and daikon, season to taste with shichimi togarashi and. Яндекс. Soba and udon noodles don't take so well to this kind of treatment but they do marry well with more subtle, more traditional Japanese flavourings. Strong flour is mixed with salt water to create a stiff dough that must be worked until gluten develops and it becomes.