Ofada stew(Ayamase). Ayamase stew which is also known as Ofada stew or the Nigerian designer stew is one of the numerous stew types we eat in Nigeria. This stew uses a combination of Green colored peppers. For all of my Instagram Family who were after the recipe, here is how I make Ayamase stew.

Ofada stew(Ayamase)

Ofada Rice and stew is a Nigerian meal native to the Yorubas but in recent times, everyone, especially. Looking back, this was one of the first recipes that I posted. In fact, it was the second recipe on my Bella Naija BN Cuisine feature. Menschen Macht koch Ofada stew(Ayamase) using 13 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Ofada stew(Ayamase)

  1. Bereiten 4 of green bell peppers.
  2. Du brauchst 1 of large onion.
  3. Bereiten of Scotch bonnet.
  4. Es ist of Red bell pepper.
  5. Du brauchst 2 tbs of locust beans.
  6. Es ist of Palm oil.
  7. Du brauchst of Beef.
  8. Es ist of Shaki.
  9. Bereiten 4 tbs of grounded crayfish.
  10. Es ist of Beef stock.
  11. Bereiten 6 of boil eggs.
  12. Bereiten cubes of Seasoning.
  13. Bereiten of Salt.

When I look back at the pictures from that post. This ofada stew/ofada sauce recipe features a stew that originates from the Western part of Nigeria and is commonly eaten with a locally grown rice called ofada rice. Nigerian Ayamase / Ofada Stew Recipe. Funny enough, the Ofada sauce got it name from the local rice it is usually served with (Ofada rice), the sauce itself is called Ayamase.

Ofada stew(Ayamase) Anleitung

  1. Wash all the peppers and onion cut it into chunks this will make the blending process easier for the blender.
  2. Blend the peppers and onion add a little water at a time while blending because excess water is not needed.
  3. Pour the blended pepper into a pot and boil it until most of the water is gone.
  4. In a clean pot add the palm oil cover it up and let it heat up on low heat until colour of the oil turns to honey brown color.
  5. At this point don't open the lid of the pot because of the intense smoke just turn off the stove and leave it to cool down.
  6. Once the oil cool down return and on the stove Add the diced onions and locust beans and fry till the onions begins to float on the oil.
  7. Pour the boil peppers stir it altogether cover it up and allow it to cook until the oil begins to float over the pepper sauce.
  8. Add your meat and grounded crayfish, seasoning cubes beef stock to loosen the sauce.
  9. Add salt and boil egg stir and allow to cook for 1 minutes and off the stove.

Ayamase has many names, it's called Designer stew, Obe Dudu (meaning black stew/soup) Ofada stew which has transitioned to being called Green Ofada. Ofada stew or Ayamase is a tasty,spicy stew that you eat and just can't forget. How to prepare Ayamase, ofada stew. This is an increasingly popular and tasty Nigerian stew recipe made with green bell peppers. Ayamase is an increasingly popular Nigeria stew.