Leaf moimoi. Hello beautiful people, Thank you for stopping by my channel today! In this video, I share with you in detail, the step-by-step process i used to make. #nigerianmoimoirecipes #moimoi #leafmoimoi. How to make the perfect nigerian moi Nigerian Moi Moi with Leaves

Leaf moimoi

Also the plant it came from. And can it be easily grown? Please give all information you have on this plant/leaf. Du kann köchin Leaf moimoi using 10 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Leaf moimoi

  1. Bereiten 700 g of beans of your choice.
  2. Du brauchst 2 of red bell pepper 2 scotch bonet pepper.
  3. Bereiten 2 of cooking spoonful of vegetable oil.
  4. Es ist 1 tbsp of tomato puree (optional).
  5. Bereiten 4 tablespoons of groundcrayfish 2 large onions.
  6. Es ist of Eggs or corned beef or smoked fish (any garnish of your choice).
  7. Bereiten of Moimoi leaves wash and clean thoroughly abd set aside.
  8. Es ist 3 of stock cubres for seasoning (Maggi/Knorr cubes).
  9. Du brauchst of Water (as needed).
  10. Es ist Pinch of salt.

Moi-Moi lovers the world over swear Leaf Moi-Moi is the best and anything else is a counterfeit. So we thought we'd have a little fun with this week's VRSUS. Hi everybody , This video is about me sharing with you guys how i make my moi leaf , yummy to eat and easy to make. See how to make Moi moi in leaf without the troubles of wrapping.

Leaf moimoi Anleitung

  1. Soak and wash the beans to soften and remove the coat..
  2. Blend the beans, red bell pepper, tomato puree, onions, crayfish, scotch bonnet pepper together with some of the water and pour the mix into a big enough bowl..
  3. Prepare the desired garnish..
  4. Add s seasonings and salt to taste,then fold the moimoi leaves into a cone shape..
  5. Dish the Moi moi mix into the banana leaves, add the garnish and set them in the pot.
  6. Cook your Moi-Moi for at least one hour, before checking it. Put a knife through it, if the knife is stained with Moi-Moi paste, then it is not done, but if the knife comes out clean its done..
  7. Enjoy with any sauce or stew of ur choice 😋.

With this easy method, no more struggling with moi moi leaves. The science name for moimoi leaves is Thaumatococcus danielli. The leaves are shaped into a cone and the bottom part is folded before the moimoi mixture is added. Moi moi leaf plant (Thaumatococcus daniellii). Nigerian researchers have demonstrated how Moi moi leaf plant (Thaumatococcus danielli) protects against the complications of.