Melt-in-Your-Mouth Apple Tart.

Melt-in-Your-Mouth Apple Tart

You can cook Melt-in-Your-Mouth Apple Tart using 22 ingredients and 13 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Melt-in-Your-Mouth Apple Tart

  1. It’s of ◇Tart crust.
  2. Prepare 180 grams of Cake flour.
  3. You need 1 tbsp of Sugar.
  4. It’s 1/3 tsp of Salt.
  5. It’s 50 grams of Unsalted butter.
  6. Prepare 1 of Egg.
  7. Prepare of ◇Almond filling.
  8. Prepare 30 grams of Unsalted butter.
  9. Prepare 30 grams of Sugar.
  10. You need 1/2 of Beaten egg.
  11. Prepare 30 grams of Almond flour.
  12. Prepare 1 tsp of Cake flour.
  13. You need 1 tsp of Rum.
  14. It’s of ◇Custard Cream:.
  15. It’s 2 of Eggs.
  16. Prepare 30 grams of Sugar.
  17. You need 1 dash of Salt.
  18. You need 2 tbsp of Cornstarch (or cake flour).
  19. You need 200 ml of Milk.
  20. It’s 1 tsp of Rum.
  21. Prepare 1 dash of Apricot jam (for finishing).
  22. Prepare 2 of Apple Compote.

Melt-in-Your-Mouth Apple Tart instructions

  1. Bring the butter and eggs to room temperature. Sift the flour and set aside..
  2. < Tart crust > Put the butter into a bowl and whip until creamy. Add the salt and sugar and mix until white and fluffy..
  3. Add the beaten egg in a little at a time and mix. Add the flour and cut in with a rubber spatula. Bring the dough together and wrap with plastic wrap..
  4. Let the tart dough chill in the refrigerator for about 2 hours..
  5. Roll out the dough until larger than the tart pan and line the pan with the dough. Cut off the excess dough, wrap the crust in plastic wrap, and chill for 30 minutes..
  6. Put baking weights in the tart and bake in an oven at 180°F Celsius for15 minutes. (If you don't have baking weights, poke holes in the bottom of the tart crust dough with a fork.).
  7. 〔Almond filling〕Whip the butter in a bowl until creamy. Add the sugar and mix with a whisk until fluffy..
  8. Add the beaten egg a little at a time, whisking well as you go. Add the rum, almond flour, and cake flour and mix well..
  9. Remove the baking weights from the tart crust and fill with the almond batter. Smooth out the surface and bake in an oven at 170°F Celsius for 20 minutes..
  10. 〔Custard cream〕 In a pot, mix together the egg, sugar, salt, and cornstarch. Add the milk a little at a time while mixing well..
  11. Turn the heat to medium while stirring. When thickened, remove from the heat. Strain, then add the rum..
  12. Pour the custard into the tart. Slice the apple compote into 1cm slices and top the tart with them. Bake at 170°F Celsius for 20~25 minutes..
  13. When done baking, top with apricot jam and enjoy..

By Sandra