Simple way to prepare delicious okra soup. Join us by subscribing to our channel and click the bell 🔔 for notifications. Okra soup is one very popular igbo soup in Nigerian, learn how to prepare okro soup in a very simple step So let's make a delicious pot of Nigerian Okra soup, The exact way an Igbo woman would like to make How to Make Okra Soup. Wash the beef and fish, season with a half teaspoon of salt, two.

Simple way to prepare delicious okra soup

Make the process of learning it as simple as possible. Okra (Okro) Soup is a farm fresh soup recipe prepared with green vegetables. Okra Soup is one of the quickest and easiest Nigerian soups to prepare. Du Macht machen Simple way to prepare delicious okra soup using 10 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Simple way to prepare delicious okra soup

  1. Es ist 1 of medium bowl of chopped okra.
  2. Du brauchst leaves of chopped ugu.
  3. Du brauchst half of kilo of beef.
  4. Bereiten of deboned smoked fish.
  5. Du brauchst 100 g of prawns (optional).
  6. Es ist of palm oil.
  7. Du brauchst of onions.
  8. Bereiten of fresh pepper.
  9. Bereiten of salt.
  10. Es ist cubes of Knorr.

Some argue that a lot of work goes to the cutting of the two vegetables used in preparing It is a simpler version of this recipe and kids simply love it! There are different ways to prepare okra depending on how it is being cooked: Slice into even-sized pieces for Cajun and Creole stews (e.g., gumbo) Before attempting other okra recipes, try the frying recipe outlined in this article. This method of cooking okra is a great way to get used to the taste and. Okra soup is prepared using the Okra (flowering plants) as a primary ingredient.

Simple way to prepare delicious okra soup Schritt für Schritt

  1. Wash your beef very well…add in a pot put onions salt and Knorr cubes allow to boil till tender.
  2. When the beef is boiled add the blended fresh pepper and palm oil and boil for 5 minutes.
  3. Add more onions if you wish, add the prawns and smoked fish and stir.
  4. Add your okro and allow to boil for 2 minutes.
  5. Add ugu and stir, allow it to boil for another minute..
  6. Your okra soup is ready.

The okra gives this traditional cuisine it's greenish color and a slippery feel But this is the general preparation method for preparing Okra soup. Let's get right down to it, this is how to Cook a delicious sizzling pot Okra soup. Delicious, healthy, super simple okra soup. Related recipe: Okra and Egusi Soup. Okra is rich in several vitamins and minerals and it helps Hmmm… Okra soup never looked better.

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